Manual Traffic Exchanges

Blogging about Traffic Exchanges just got fun!

Manual Traffic Exchange vs Auto Traffic Exchange

Manual Traffic Exchange:

With a manual exchange, users must click the icon each page view. This ensures the user is still there looking at the ads. The result is better signups, and a side result is bad websites are generally reported quickly and if the admin is active, you’ll see less of them in rotation.

Auto Traffic Exchange:

Auto exchanges will automatically show the user the next site when the timer runs out. Many members will leave the exchange running overnight, or in the background and not pay much attention to it. The result is not as many signups, and viruses, adware, etc can go unnoticed so you are more likely to run into them.


You really should be using manual traffic exchanges. Some users find benefits of auto exchanges, but in large they are less effective. You’d do yourself more good getting a comfortable mouse and clicking those buttons šŸ˜‰


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